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The Gaza Hostage War no.1.


1. Beginning.
The war began on Otober 7th, 2023.
This was the Shabat and the Feast of Shemini Atzeret which in Israel combined the celebration of Simchat Torah concerning the completion of reading the whole of the Torah (Pentatuch) based on the weekly portion.

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October 2023 Gaza Israel conflict

On 7 October 2023,  in the early morning  a rocket barrage over  ca. 20 minutes of at least 2,300  rockets was  fired at Israel  from the Gaza Strip Hamas claimed to have fired 6,000 rockets.
Simultaneously with this about 1000 Hamas militants broke through the Security Fence and entered Israel at about 7 places. They smashed through the fence using at least one bull dozer folowed by  trucks, pickup trucks, motorcycles, bulldozers, speedboats and paragliders.Many of the invaders were heavily armed and masked, dressed in black fatigue and riding pickup trucks. Other groups  of them reportedly  had Israeli-type armalite rifles (similar to the ones) and were dressed in Israeli type uniforms. This was intended to make it difficult to identify them and caused confusion in the Israeli ranks at the initial time of confrontation.

What Happened Before then?
The State of |Israel had gone through five (sic) rounds of elections before being able to establish a duly elected coalition government.
Participants in this government included National-Religious and Ultra-Orthodox parties who were anathemas to ruling elites within Israel.
The progressively-orientated and left-wing dominated judiciary and associated legal bearaucrats had created a constructional impasse virtually emasculating the elected authorities. They were backed by powerful moneyed groups and officer cliques in the IDF. They initially  received wide support from sections of the israeli Public which has however since diminished.
A military coup may have been under consideration but it lacked public support and what support it had was rapidly evaporating.

We then had the Spitting Incidents and homosexual anti-Prayer partisan actions.

On Yom Kippur and Succoth numerous prayer groups got together in Tel Aviv as they do every year. They consisted of Observant Jews and Traditional Jews and non-Observant  Jews who wanted to pray for the sake of their Judaism as they do every year, sometimes for this only once a year. . When the ceremonies began many of these prayer meetings received visits from secular protesters waving Israelite Flages and Gay-pride banners. They aggressively shouted, cursed,  physically pushed,  and argued with those assembled causing many to leave. At least 18 such incidents such as these were recorded by Tel Aviv officials.
Some of these  incidents were filmed and may be seen on the Internet.  Simcha Rothman, Chairman of the Knesset's Constitution, Law and Justice Committee also attended one of these prayer meetings and he was spat upon from a window above. This too was recorded.
Meanwhile in Jerusalem around this time Christian pilgrims from Catholic Countries such as the Philipinnes or Latin America come to  the Old City of Jerusalem. They emerge from their churches carrying gigantic wooden crosses and parade in the streets. dominating everything around them. Religious Jews use these same avenues to visit the Western Walls. Some of  the Jewish Children (of about 8 or 9 years old) picked up the habit of spitting on the ground besides their own feet while facing the direction of the pilgrims. This was reported as spitting at the pilgrims. A great furor was aroused and even PM Binyamin Netanyahu condemned the offenders, The police made arrests.

No arrests (so far) were made in the case of Tel Aviv and the secular and homosexual demonstrators against the God of Israel..

These events were followed by the Invasion of Ishmaelites from  Gaza.

Before they came the fence was considered almost impenetrable. The Arabs did must have taken a lot of planning, practising, and preparation to carry it out. How did they keep it all secret? How could they have been so sure it would succeed? They came in from  7 different palces almost all at once. 

The Israeli fence had incorporated "sophisticated tracking surveillance with remote operated machine gun emplacements" and according to RABBI CHANANYA WEISSMAN  (with whom we disagree on other points), there were there:

Multiple systems in place including;

1. Static thermal imaging observation posts.

2. Manned patrol vehicles.

3. Static manned observation posts.

4. Subterranean RADAR.

5. Reconnaissance drones.

6. Reconnaissance aircraft.

7. Autonomous patrol vehicles.

8. Fence motion detection.

9. Bomb proof multi-layered reinforced fence set in concrete.

Anyway we can leave all that for another time.

Let us continue with what happened:

2. The Invasion in Progress.