"Iron Swords" 2023.

2 November 2023, 18 Cheshvan, 5784.
1. The Word Hamas in Hebrew Means Violence!
2. 5 Big Lies About Israel's War with Hamas
Extracts from article by  Dr. Yvette Alt Miller
3. Hamas Threatens to Keep on Doing it!
1. The Word Hamas in Hebrew Means Violence!

The name HAMAS in Arabisis an the acronym for Harakat al-Muqawama al-Islamiya (Islamic Resistance Movement).
In Biblical Hebrew it means something else.

Answer to Quora Query.
What's the Isaiah prophecy that Netanyahu mentioned in his speech?
This is the verse PM Netanyahu quoted. In English it is rendered as:

Isaiah (NKJV) 60:

The word translated above as "VIOLENCE" in Hebrew is "HAMAS."
In Hebrew "HAMAS" connotes "violence" or "violent expropriation."
That is what HAMAS is.
That is what PM Netanyahu wished to convey.

The End of HAMAS!

2. 5 Big Lies About Israel's War with Hamas.

Extracts from article by
Dr. Yvette Alt Miller
Lie #1: Israel is seeking revenge in Gaza.
Accusations that Israel is seeking 'revenge' implies that Hamas no longer poses a threat to Israel and since Israel has nothing to gain by fighting the deadly terror group.
he October 7, 2023 attacks showed Hamas's genocidal nature. Hamas is dedicated to Israel's destruction and calls on Muslims to fight Jews in a worldwide jihad. On October 7, 2,500 Hamas terrorists invaded Israel via land, sea, and air. They raped, tortured and killed over 1,400 Israelis and kidnapped over 230 Israelis, including 30 babies. While these attacks were going on, Hamas launched nonstop barrages over 2,000 missiles into Israeli towns and cities. Hamas is prepared for a long fight, having amassed an army and built 500 km of bomb-resistant terror tunnels in the region.

Lie #2: Israel rules Gaza.
Israel completely withdrew from Gaza in 2005, uprooting all Jews from the territory; even Jewish graves were removed. Gazans soon elected Hamas into office, and Hamas has governed Gaza ever since.

Lie #3: Gaza is an open air prison.
Huge numbers of Gazans have also emigrated in recent years, often heading to the USA, Europe, and Turkey.... the major factor in limiting the flow of Gazans moving abroad for work wasn't Israeli or Egyptian blockades, but Hamas' own bureaucracy, which slowed down the process of obtaining travel visas.
The prison-like conditions that do exist in Gaza are due the fanaticism of Hamas.

Lie #4: Gaza is poor because of Israel.
The biggest drain on Gaza's economy is Hamas, which mismanages Gaza's economy, steals aid on a rampant scale, hoards resources for its fighters while neglecting civilians, and terrorizes its population. Right now, while civilians in Gaza are suffering, Hamas is holding months' worth of fuel, food, medicine and other goods.

Lie #5: Israel is committing war crimes in Gaza.
The International Committee of the Red Cross contains a list of actions that constitute war crimes on its website. It reads like a list of Hamas' recent actions, not Israel: 'Deliberately targeting civilians who are not directly taking part in hostilities; Pillage; Hostage-taking; Making religious or cultural objects the object of attack, provided that they are not military objectives; Torture and other forms of inhumane treatment; Child recruitment; Rape and other forms of sexual violence.' Hamas, not Israel, is guilty of each and every one of these actions.

3. Hamas Threatens to Keep on Doing it!

Destiny - Posted by u/brashbabu 7h ago
Hamas Official Ghazi Hamad: We Will Repeat the October 7 Attack Time and Again Until Israel Is Annihilated; We Are Victims - Everything We Do Is Justified