"Iron Swords" 2023.

27 November 2023, 14  Kislev, 5784.
1. British Demonstration against Anti-Semitism.
2. Rami Davidian: Saved 750 Lives,
3.4 More Myths About Israel's War with Hamas.
1. British Demonstration against Anti-Semitism.
Mark Williams:
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100,000 People Pack Central London to March Against Antisemitism
26 NOVEMBER 2023 5:00 PM

Tens of thousands of people, including former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, have attended the March Against Antisemitism in Central London. The Telegraph has more.

The march, organised by Campaign Against Antisemitism with the support of numerous Jewish communal groups and non-Jewish organisations, began at the Royal Courts of Justice on the Strand before passing along Whitehall and ending at Parliament Square, where addresses by the Chief Rabbi, Home Office Minister of State Robert Jenrick and other high profile public figures were expected.

Earlier, Tube services running into the centre of London were busier than a normal morning rush hour as Jews - some proudly wearing stars of David necklaces and kippahs, and others headed for the Royal Courts of Justice, the start point for the march.

Early estimates from police said around 100,000 people were packed into the tight streets of Central London.
...Many were adorned with flags, mainly of Israel although the odd Union flag was present. 

Some in the crowd held placards with images of people beneath headlines saying: "Kidnapped" as chants of "Bring them home" erupted from the crowd, followed by the Jewish anthem Am Israel Chai ('The Nation of Israel Lives'). A sign reading 'Never again is now' had been left against the wall of the Polish embassy. '

In polling for the Campaign Against anti-Semitism, 69% of British Jews said they are currently less likely to show visible signs of their faith and fewer than one fifth believe the police treat antisemitism like other forms of hate crime.

2. Rami Davidian: Saved 750 Lives,
By Ronn Torossian -

It is said anyone who saves a life is as if he has saved an entire world. Rami Davidian is an Israeli Jewish hero, a farmer who saved 750 lives at the Nova Festival. Israelis were partying, dancing, and came under attack. Rami Davidian is a man whose name should be remembered forever.

The Nova festival attack would have been much worse if not for Rami. Rami is a farmer from Moshav Patish, which is located only a few minutes away from where the Nova festival was held. He received a call before 7 AM with an urgent message, to rescue a friend's son from the massacre at the rave and without hesitating, he drove there. And on his first trip, 15 people climbed into his car to be saved, terrified, scared, some injured, they climbed into his trunk sat on the roof, and escaped to safety. As he describes it, he made countless trips, eventually saving hundreds of people.

.... without weapons or bullet-proof vests, he drove again and again and again to rescue people.  They were hiding in the bushes, scared as their friends had been raped, slaughtered, massacred in front of their eyes. And Rami simply navigated the back roads which he knew from being a farmer and a lifelong resident of Moshav Patish. And as he describes, people climbed into his car missing limbs, in terrible condition.

His phone kept ringing, message after message after message from people hiding. ... Rami walked, crawled, drove and did whatever he could to rescue people. 

And on trip he was confronted by Palestinian terrorists, who he lied to and said he was Muslim.  Speaking Arabic which he knows from his many years of working in the Palestinian areas, he told the terrorists to give him the girl they were holding and run away before the Israelis capture them- and they did. He saved the child who climbed in his car. In another case, he threw a rock at the terrorists and rescued a young woman from their grasp.

He saw rapes and murders, bodies, and horrible things. And yet, somehow, he continued and kept going. From Saturday morning until Sunday night, he wandered that forest endlessly saving people. When he couldn't find people, he closed people's eyes who were dead, he evacuated bodies to ensure they wouldn't be eaten by coyotes.  Things one can't even describe or discuss are the things that Rami did.

3.4 More Myths About Israel's War with Hamas
by Dr. Yvette Alt Miller
November 26, 2023


Confronting the unending stream of misinformation with essential facts.

As Israel's war with Hamas progresses, new false assertions about Israel's behavior and the war's progress arise. Here are four big recent myths and facts about what is truly going on.

Myth: Hamas didn't rape Israeli women on October 7
Israeli investigators have been documenting a systematic campaign of brutal rapes carried out by Hamas against Israeli women on October 7. Over a thousand testimonies and 66,000 video clips paint a picture of widespread, systematic sexual violence, as well as other instances of torture, dismemberment, and mutilation.

Those who wish to read first person accounts of Hamas' sexual violence can do so here.

Foreign outlets such as PBS have conducted extensive interviews with survivors of Hamas' attacks and have found that rape was an integral part of the attacks. The sheer scale of corroborating accounts indicates that the thousands of victims and witnesses who described Hamas' atrocities are telling the truth.

Myth: Israel is Targeting Women and Babies

In reality, Israel has articulated that it has two military aims in Gaza: freeing Israel';s 240 hostages being held by Hamas, and destroying Hamas' leadership. If anyone is putting Gaza's women and children at risk, it's Hamas, which locates its military centers in hospitals, schools, mosques, and residential apartment buildings and has been fighting fiercely from those civilian sites for weeks.

NATO documents Hamas' cynical use of its own people as human shields as far back as nine years ago, reporting: \Hamas most common uses of human shields include: Firing rockets, artillery, and mortars from 'heavily populated civilian areas' (e.g. Schools, hospitals, or mosques)...."If the IDF [Israeli military] uses lethal forces and causes an increase in civilian casualties, Hamas can utilise that as a lawfare tool: it can accuse Israel of committing war crimes."

Civilian suffering in Gaza is real. Yet the ultimate blame lays with Hamas, which steals aid from its people, refuses to allow civilians access to its 500 km of sophisticated underground tunnels and supplies , and is only strengthened by the world's condemnation of Israel.

Ten of Hamas 24 battalions (which October 7 each numbered in the vicinity of 1,000 soldiers) are no longer operational. Israel estimates it has killed approximately 5,000 Hamas combatants, and has captured several of Hamas rocket launching sites in Gaza City. Hamas is still sending regular long-range missiles into Israeli civilian centers (another fact that's seldom reported in the West), but after weeks of fighting, their capabilities are eroded. "Today we are talking about a salvo of four or five rockets every three days, into Israeli cities and towns, explains Zvika Haimovich, a former Israeli Air Defense Forces commander.  In the first two weeks (of the war), it was a salvo every four or five hours. It's a huge difference."

Myth: Gazans Don't Support Hamas
The myth that Hamas is deeply unpopular in Gaza has been surging in recent weeks. ...

Yet Hamas was able to amass an army estimated to number about 40,000 (numbers vary). When Hamas fighters brought back approximately 240 Israeli hostages, large crowds in Gaza (as well as the West Bank and elsewhere) gathered to cheer them on, dancing, playing music, firing guns into the air in celebration, and passing out candies.

Since October 7, Hamas popularity in Gaza and elsewhere has soared. A poll released on November 14 by the Arab World Research and Development Group (AWRAD) found that 64% of Gaza residents reported supporting Hamas even "extremely" or "somewhat" strongly. 75% supported Hamas October 7 massacre of 1,200 Israelis.

Myth: Hamas Statements Are a Reliable Source of Information.

Even ostensibly independent actors aren't free to speak their mind.

Confronting Myths
There are two wars going on right now. One is the physical one Israel is waging against Hamas. The other is the spread of damaging myths about the Jewish state.