The Rainbow Like Creation of Mathieu Hamaekers

 Impressive Star of David Model Gifted from Belgium along with Message.



Mathieu Hamaekers from Belgium is an artist who specializes in geometric forms. He is also an avid follower of our YouTube Clips.
He sent us a model (for which he also grants us the copyrights) of the Star of David (see attached picture) made out of realistically painted cardboard.
The model was brought to us by friends of his from the Netherlands (Ruth and her husband), see picture.
Amongst other points he comments:

# Another way to understand this symbol is that while the Messiah Son of Joseph could be
understood as the one who has to rebuild the Temple and so the triangle that points to above with
the base horizontal like a pyramid, the Messiah Son of David could be understood as the one with
the triangle pointing down to reconnect the spiritual with the physical tools prepared by Messiah
Ben Joseph. I think it is very important that you have stressed often in your recent video's that the
Ten Tribes should not become Jewish but stay the way they are but to become better and more
humane or better ethical and improve themselves. This is very easy recognizable in the sculpture
because the two triangles are interwoven but they don't touch one another. There is space enough
for the both of them. And isn't that the strength of the unity of all the Tribes of Israel? Prof. Van
Praag often quoted: "Unity in diversity". "In Omnibus Omnia" was the message and intent of his
private university. Bringing together all that is good in the world is the only way to a better future.
The Jewish understanding of the Messianic era is that it will start with Messiah Son of Joseph's
return but also the whole movement surrounding this believe and maybe it is worth while to
consider the possibility to use this 3D model of the Star of David as a way to give the knowledge
and related message you have about the unity of the 12 Tribes some more spin among the Israeli
people and the larger world in general. #

Mathieu Hamaekers from Belgium created a colorful of the Star of David. He sees this symbol as comprised of two interlocked triangles. One represents the Messiah son of Joseph and the other the Messiah son of David. Their future unification also presages the future union of Joseph and the Ten Tribes. The colors were chosen for aesthetic reasons but some have comparted them tot he colors of the Rainbow. The Rainbow Colors were used by the Israelite Tribes of Benjamin. The Tribe of Benjamin was promient in Belgium.The Rainbow is considered a symbol of the Noachide Movement from its beginning. Brit-Am does not identify with the Noachides BUT we respect their teachings and intentions.