The Foundational Elements



The USA according to our findings exemplifies the Israelite Tribe of Manasseh. Ephraim  and Manasseh were the two sons of Joseph and Joseph was one of the Twelve sons of Jacob who had been renamed Israel (Genesis 32:28, 35:10). Jacob blessed Joseph that his two sons would each be considered full-fledged tribes in their own right (Genesis 48:5). This means that actually there were 13 Tribes but Scripture maintains a quorum of 12 in one way or other. Ephraim was to be pre-eminent over Manasseh (Genesuis 48:19), In this way Manasseh may be considered a 13th Tribe. The number 13 considering the Tribes was important to Manasseh. The Tribes of Israel divided into 2 sections, Judah and Israel. The Kingdom of Israel is sometimes referred to as "Ephraim" (Psalm 78:9, Isaiah 75:5, 7:17, etc.),  or as "Samaria" (Isaiah &:9). It comprised 10 Tribes . These were exiled by Assyria and lost awareness of their ancestry. They are now known as the "Lost Ten Tribes of Israel." The two tribes that remained together with reprsentative minoritiews of the other Tribes became the Jews as we know them, referred to in Scripture by the generic term, "Judah."  The "Lost Ten Tribes of Israel" moved to the British Isles and to Western Europe. From there they gave rise to the USA, as well as to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and other entities.

The USA recevied im migrants from all over the world. In  its early formative stage most of the arrivals came from the British isles and Western Europe and within those areas especially from  regions once occupied by descendants of the Tribe of Manasseh. The very name Manasseh in Hebrew connotes "Responsible Representation" the mode of government exemplified by the USA. The name "America" is a Latinized permutation of the Hebrew expression "Ha-Macheri" meaning "Descendants of Machir." Machir was the firstborn son of Manasseh. For these and other reasons we identify the USA as Joseph in general and Manasseh in particular. Numerically a very large number of the Israelites in the USA may physically actually be descended from Ephraim but culturally and spiritually Manasseh predominates. 

In addition to identifying the USA with Manasseh we ALSO consider America to at present be the main home-base of ALL the Israelite Tribes alongside Judah. It was so determiend at the beginning. There were 13 Israelite Tribes and 13 foundational colonies that first gave rise to the JUSA. Each colony represented a different Israelite Tribe. At present there are 50 USA states. Each state is dominated in some way by one or other of the Israelite Tribes in addition to being under the general suzerainty of Manasseh.

Asher - New Hamshire.

Dan - Delaware.

Naphtali - Connecticut.

Benjamin - New Jersey

Ephraim - Virginia

Manasseh - Massachusetts

Issachar - Northn Carolina

Judah - New York

Zebulon - Geogria

Gad - Pennsylvania.

Reubvern - Rhode Ilsand.

Simeon - South Carolinia

Maryland - Levi.

In the following articles we explain why we identify each of the individual first 13 colonies with a particular Tribe. We also present a tentative list as to what other US States also pertain to the State spoken of.